Stroll Down Memory Lane

This is the home I was raised in for most of my life. 4720 Pacific Avenue.
Ann & I checked out our old neighborhood. I moved into this home (it was brand-new at
the time in 1960). It is now a half-way house for recovering drug & alcohol addicts. The home
is pretty run-down and the yard over-grown, but we were glad to see the old
"stomping grounds".

The old Mailbox--4720 Pacific Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98663

Standing at the top of Pacific Avenue. We lived at the very end
on the left...it's a dead-end street.

This was the home just next door to us. It's in better shape than
when we lived there. It is now a rental and well cared for. Our
driveway was shared next to this home's driveway.

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Zane&Anna said...

i remember you took us here at least once... it's fuzzy tho- can't believe 10 people lived here!