Little Thoughts

"To be human is a privilege, not an excuse"

"A tongue weighs practically nothing, but so few people
are able to hold it"

Remembering so vividly September 11, 2001
Laying in bed that morning with my love, and the
radio alarm giving the news of the tragedy that took
soooooooooooo many lives. Such a senseless act!


Martine Irene said...

Totally agree & very true, Pam! LOVE the little sayings...now if I could JUST remember them when the time is appropriate!!!

Anna Renee said...

agreeing with martine on this one.
my heart kinda jolted when i read about 9/11. it really hit harder than it has most years- i must just be emotional right now & i looked at some pretty heavy things that somebody shared from their visit to the museum... saw this thing on tv the other day too- the history channel played somebodys video footage of the day thru their eyes... it just really got me. and then when i read that- i had LITERALLY just been thinking about coming into you & dad's bedroom & remembering how upset you guys were... knowing this wasn't an ordinary 'news' story but not really getting what a big deal it was. and then i remember that night when we were eating dinner & an airplane flew really low over the house & it was sooo loud that everyone ran from the table to outside to look at it- i mean i think you guys thought we were under attack cos it was just so intense... but still i remember just not getting it. i guess you could say i get it now.=)