Went over on the island today to watch the 2nd Annual Balloon Festival.  They had a "mass exodus" of ballons take-off at 4:30 pm so mom and I wanted to go watch it and found a parking spot.  The festival lasts for four days...Thursday through Sunday.  Not for sure if I'll actually go TO the festival or not yet, these pictures are taken from a couple blocks away, but it was so beautiful to just watch them on a beautiful day of 70 degrees, with NO breeze.  It costs $185.00 to go up for a ride in one of them, so quite spendy.  I love some of the colorful balloons, and some of the funny shaped ones.  There are 60 balloons this year at the festival and over 200 vendors, over double the size of last year.  Humpty Dumpty, notice how he came down to land and I caught the picture where it looks like it is landing on a mini-van and there is a "stop" sign. I think it's a funny picture!  I also think the balloon that is an upsidedown man is pretty funny too :)  About as funny as the side-ways smiley face I always use :)

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