Some of you know that we are in Seattle helping Tom's folks pack up the old home that they have inhabited for the past 44 years in Ballard....today, mom came across her old wedding suit she wore on December 5, 1953.  She plans to give it to GOODWILL, so I thought I would try it on so I would at least have a picture of it.  Someone will be happy to have a VINTAGE suit :)  The cap (above) she also wore...it kind of fits flat on your head over your bun...ha ha.  Mom said hats were really in style then.  The suit was quite large, I had to pin the skirt, but it was fun to try on.  The buttons down the front are a sage green, so I thought it interesting that the hat was a blue velvet. It sure looked nice on mom in the wedding picture we have of the folks on their wedding day back in 1953...it was made for someone taller and bigger than me (I have the skirt pinned in the back), mom thought it is maybe a size 10 or 12 and said she would never be able to fit into it again...but it was fun to bring back some memories and a few laughs for mom and dad and Tom and get a couple of pictures while we were at it!

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