Hugs are the Best! (Or so they say)...

Stimulation by touch is absolutely necessary for physical and emotional well-being.

Touch is used to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety; to enhance a child's development and IQ; and to nurture premature babies.

Hugging strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, assists sleep, lowers blood pressure, and is an antidote to depression.

Hugging bolsters a patient's will to live, dispels loneliness, eases fear, opens doors to buried feelings, builds self-esteem, fosters altruism, and imparts feelings of belonging.

Hugging offers a wholesome alternative to promiscuity, alcohol, and drugs.

People need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and 12 for growth.

So take action. Hug the people you care about today. Hug them in the morning, hug them to say hello, hug them because they bring you happiness, hug them to say good-bye, bug them to say "I love you," hug them to show compassion, hug them if they are sad, hug them if they are hurting, hug them because they did something incredible, or hug them just because.

Challenge yourself and your friends to keep track of how many hugs you gave or received today.

Notice how you feel at the end of your day of hugging.

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Zane&Anna said...

mmm i definitely like hugs... thanks for sharing a fun article! i got lots of hugs today, because it's sunday, and i go to meeting with some really cool huggers=) so i think for today i made my quota;) sending a hug to you!!