Malia This and That...

The above two pictures are Malia modeling
the new sweater that Anna got for her at
Christmas Time from Banana Republic.
Its a nice color on her too.

And Yes...the obligatory WORK OUTFIT
pictures that mother's think they need to
take of their "young uns" as they set out
to work...Malia began working at
Papa Murphy's a couple week ago.

Smile and Eat-up!
Papa Murphy's makes great pizza!

1 comment:

Zane&Anna said...

wow, my little sister looks really grown up in these pictures! she's disappearing before my eyes too! wow. glad the shirt worked out- um, where is daniels shirt........ tell him to get over it. ;) mother you killed me with my work outfit pix- buuuuut i gotta admit, i like looking back on it now. =) so endure for now miss malia=)