Daniel laying in the boat!
What would he do without a cell phone
to text Jocelyn? Oh My!!! A phone
certainly keeps him happy these days
as long as the little one on the other
end has the initials of "JB"
Daniel "chillin'"
in Lake Havasu.
The water temp of the
lake today was 78 out in
the lake and 83 in the channel.
Thats what several 100 degree
days will do for our lake water!

Cody (10) & Anthony (13)
Carlson's grandsons from
South Dakota.

Alisha (8)
Carlson's granddaughter
(Cody & Anthony's little sister).

Anthony is 13.

"Grandma" Sandy with Alisha & Cody.
Enjoying their boat ride today.

We saw two wild burro
going down the lake today.
Always fun to see
"wild things".
We think they're closer to the
lake these days because its so
hot out they need to come down
to get water.

At the entrance of Copper Canyon...
A sober reminder of what NOT to do
when you've been drinking too much
alcohol and that is to jump from a high
cliff above onto the rocks below...
hitting the rocks instead of the water.
The rocks will always "win" even with
a professional surfer who died in this

The cove at Copper Canyon is so beautiful
on Lake Havasu...
so calm and peaceful
until the weekend or a
holiday and it turns into a
big party!

Copper Canyon...
June 10,2010


Zane&Anna said...

love this post mom! was fun to see all the pix & see your version of summer=-) the water sounds nice & daniel makes it look pretty enticing. but i can't get over the snake that you saw in the lake that followed the boat!? nice to look at tho.

Zane&Anna said...

just fyi: i answered some of the questions you'd asked me in the individual comment boxes