T-Ball Kiddo's...O'so Cute!

Justin (Daddy) and Wade at 3rd base.  And the only little girl on the team to the right of Justin.

 Wade is a "lefty".......S-W-I-N-G!
The game is over.  Everyone plays and everyone wins when you're four and five years old.

Brothers, Wade (5) and Wyatt (3).

Wade in T-Ball position!

This sweet family is coming to meetings here in Havasu.  Justin grew up going to meetings but never professed.  I've had fun getting to know Jessica and the little boys.  Oh, they have such a hard time sitting still in meetings, but really they are doing pretty fantastic for never really having had much time doing it.  I try to have a little treat waiting for them when its over.  Wyatt is a little peeved in these pictures because he doesn't get to play ball since he is only 3 and not old enough to play T-ball like his brother.  He just doesn't understand the concept that even though he can do everything that his brother can do that the age limit doesn't allow him to do it.  The grapes and little fishy crackers and his grandpa (Jessica's dad taking him for a walk) eventually got him out of his funk! ha ha.

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Martine Irene said...

Cute little boys! And I'm sure T-Ball is a lot more fun to watch in AZ than in Bend, OR in the spring. I remember when Sean played, it was usually so cold we were freezing our tails off! Must be nice to have a young couple in meeting, too!