Catch-Up Time!!!

 My Sweet Niece, Nicole (Ziniker), and great niece and nephew, Chloe and 'lijah (Strassburg)

 We walked to school with Chloe (just a few blocks away...how convenient is that?)  I had Chloe turn around so you could see the back of her backpack...her name is embroidered on her backpack, it's so cute.  The kids get to play on the bars at school if they get there early enough before the bell rings.

Little Elijah with his sweet mama, Shana (my niece)...he got to play too for a few minutes and watch his big sister go to school, kindergarten for half days. 


Shana said...

Aww! So fun to be together again on your way home! One of these days we will make it your way! Thanks for stopping- we always enjoy your visit!

Martine Irene said...

Great pictures of my daughter's & grandkidlets, Pam!

Anna said...

looks like fun- what sweet people we're related to:)