New Things I have Tried and LIKED

There are a few NEW food Items I have found
that are HEALTHY, have lots of fiber and if
you're a Weight Watcher, they have low points
First: Vitalicious VitaMuffin VitaTops.
Only 100 calories, low-fat, high fiber = 1 point (Yay)
They have lots of yummy flavors...triple chocolate,
peanut butter chip, Cranberry Bran. And YES, they
are delicious, even 1-point BROWNIES!
Also, Gnu Bars = Granola type bars, moist and chewy.
Only 2 points each with Weight Watchers and lots
of yummy flavors...
I like the Peanut Butter and the Banana Walnut.
Thirdly is the Total Tea....
Yummy with a citrusy flavor, no caffeine and
really keeps the colon clean.
Check them out on-line and read about them
It's really nice to find these great things that
are super healthy and taste great and
really keep things moving and don't add to
the waistline!

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Zane&Anna said...

thanks for the tips- you make me feel so guilty. your daughter ate at mickey d's for supper tonight. ugh. i saw some of those vita-top things i think at publix, i think they were cookies tho... would that be right?? so this tea really cleans out your colon? i only had it the one day... but it sure tasted good, even if there are no health benefits... does it count for points? can't remember if you wrote that or not