This rattlesnake slithered onto our driveway as Tom
and I got home from the gym. It was dark outside and
appeared his tail (the rattler) had been run over by a
car...sure enough...so he wasn't as quick as they norm-
ally can be...so with flashlight and camera in hand (my
part) and Tom with a flashlight and shovel (his part)
did away with this fella and put him in the wash that
runs by our house. I took these pictures but didn't
show the squashed "rattle".

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Zane&Anna said...

MOTHER!!! i can't believe this!!!! thanks for not showing the squashed pix. GROSSS. the thought makes my stomach flip. i can't believe you had to hold the flashlight for dad & watch. NASTY. i must be pmsing because i kinda feel sorry for the guy. my heart kinda hurt when you said his rattler got run over by a car. DON'T ASK ME WHY!!!!! ha, i'm pyscho. you guys have been attracting some evil little creatures there lately! be careful!!!