Friends, Food, Fun, Fellowship

Ahhhhh....the finished product!
Pepperoni for the picky amongst us!
(No, I'm not one of them! ha)

Putting fresh basil on this
gourmet pizza...

The Master Chef, Claudia...
homemade, garden-fresh tomato sauce...

She's good!

Preparing the homemade crust!

Austin and Jenna
(not a couple...they were just both at our house
for supper/evening)
Austin is Derek's friend, Jenna is Malia's friend.

Some "rogue winds" came up and sprayed
water all over...thats part of
Monsoon Season in the SW.

Malia holding Nadia after her swim in the pool.

Sunset...always a pleasure!

Dark enough to have the pool lights on.

Oooooh, the wind was comin' up...
Still 100 degrees though!

Sun setting

The moon was so pretty last night!

Aidan taking a flying leap!

And Derek following suit!

Monsoon clouds getting closer!

Malia and Jenna

Aidan loves his spiderman life jacket,
oh, and don't forget the goggles and
Have towel, will travel!!!!
(to the pool that is)

Aidan and his lil' brother, Aaron

Malia & Jenna

Jenna and Aidan playing

Aidan getting out some energy
as you can see.........


Zane&Anna said...

This psot makes me really homesick. For arizona yes. Its just visual representation of how much this is truly your home now. Your settled & have special bonds with all the friends... who you have literally watched grow... I was even there when we helped timmanns move in! & that summer I helped glen with aidan, never dreaming two more munchkins would be joining him;) they are o so darling, aidan is soooo tall. Shouldn't be surprised but wow! The pic of malia & nadia is super presh! The action shots of aidan cannon-balling cracked me up lol. Can't wait to hear thoughts on jenna & austen... did taylor not make it? The pizza loooks soooooooooooo uhmazing!!! I want some. Decided against tacos I see but these look like a fair trade. Book ms. Claudia the pizza chef for our next visit;)

Zane&Anna said...

Oh & the unexpected monsoon looks fun=) I'm desiring a good storm. Need to break up all these hot days we've been having! The sunset pix are goooorgeous.
Ugh can it be january yet!? Miss you!