Thigh Stretch

Tree Pose

Cobra Pose

Downward Dog

The Plank

Butterfly Pose

I look pretty silly in some of these pictures
but thanks to Anna, she bought me the yoga mat
and a yoga book awhile back for a gift. I didn't
use it right away...but then last summer I bought
a DVD for YOGA beginners. Did that for awhile
but it's not as much fun to do at home and alone!
A couple months ago, our gym started a 5:45 a.m.
"Sunrise Yoga" Class twice a week.
Have really enjoyed it...it's quiet and really great
for flexibility. The older I get the tighter my muscles
become...not tight as in firm (I only wish :-) but
tighter as in NOT wanting to stretch and flex like
they used to! ha ha So these classes have been good.
I think I'll have to do it for years to get good, but to
me it doesn't matter how good, but that I feel good
once I've done it!

(If I messed-up on some of the names of the
poses feel free to correct me...I'm new to this)


sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?


Shirley said...

I do a few yoga poses as part of my stretching routine...most of the same ones you are doing in your photos. They are great for keeping limber and reducing tension...just need to do them more often, I guess!

Zane&Anna said...

Zane & I are so impressed mom! Sad to see it looks like your more flexible then me these days... I need to get back into it so thx for inspiring me. Really great post- really enjoyed it=)