Last Few from Jamestown area before going to the Oil Fields...

After Union Sunday (July) Snyders asked if we would like to go to the Pingree Cafe...a favorite "hang-out" of the locals there.  I think just about the whole meeting was there plus some others too.  The picture below is of Linda's daughter, and granddaughter...they met up with us there after meeting as well as Tom's brother Steve met up with us there after meeting too.  It was a home-cooked meal, you went in line and served yourself.  Very tasty.  I took the picture of the tractor...just because I thought it was funny that someone came to the cafe to eat and pulled up in their tractor!  Some things humor us city folks!!!

One of Steve's trucks that he uses to haul water in the oil fields in Northern North Dakota and Northern Montana.

 These above pictures are of Devils lake and the surrounding areas.  You have maybe heard about some of the water that North Dakota has been unindated with.  Tom wanted to see Devils Lake as it has increased in size by 4 times in the past several years, so you can imagine all the damage it has caused to the surrounding areas as well as the town itself.  They have had to build a dike around the town in order for the town itself to not be completely flooded over.  The pictures above with the water over the roadway were of the main highway or what it was at one time.  Just amazing how the water just keeps coming!!!  Feel sorry for those poor people.  We saw barns and silos partly under water and homes nearly under water!
 Steve's truck he uses to haul water at the oil fields.  We were here at the oil fields and watched the operation for several hours.  We spent a couple days and saw how they do their operation.  It's interesting, but the roads aren't really equipped for so many big trucks so they are muddy and ill equipped and rough.  But the oil is rich and there is money to be made there!!!

 My brother in law, Steve and his daughter, Kylie.  She drives truck for her dad.
Nephew, Bryce, brother-in-law, Steve and Tom holding Bryce's dog, Beener in Lambert, Montana.


Deena said...

Fun to see all your ND pictures. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I'd have recognized Sarah & Kylie if I hadn't read the post first!

Shana said...

Wow, those water pictures are crazy! The one of the sign saying to "watch for water on the road" cracks me up!