Our Neighbors New Fiberglass Pool

Pools are very common in Lake Havasu, however, like ours
its NOT fiberglass and is "poured/built on sight", but
our neighbors got a new pool "installed" on Friday and
it comes in one piece. I've seen them IN the ground
but never being put in, thought it was interesting, so
took pictures of them unloading it from the truck
then the crane lifting it off and over to the huge hole
that was dug last week. They seemed to dig enough dirt
out of the ground to build a whole basement UNDER the
house, (good thing theres an empty lot next door)
but it was just enough to add
this pool and a hot tub!
Of course, just because it's IN the ground, there's still LOTS
of work to be done before it actually becomes useable as a
pool and hot tub.
Crane lifting it off the semi.

Swinging it around to get to the back yard. It was a
super windy day. Thought that might cause some issues,
just made it cold is all.

Look out, comin' through...

Its getting closer...

Down it comes...

It's fitting just fine into the big hole...

It's in...

Then the Hot Tub came...it was much easier and
quicker since it's much smaller...
Oh, the things that excite us "country bumpkins"...


Zane&Anna said...

lol mother, i'm amused that you were so amused by this process=) it is interesting i'll admit, not something you see everyday. when i see those pix tho, i just think about tons of money. ew

Smith Mosan said...

My friends last night my son birthday I share with you some interesting . When placing the tile on the pool, some adhesive might bleed through the front joint. Use your finger to wipe it even with the tile surface. If any adhesive gets smeared onto the surface of the tile, immediately use a paper towel and solvent to wipe it off. Before applying the last 8 feet of tile, start at the skimmer; use a sheet of tile to measure back to the last sheet of tile already on the pool. If the tile does not fit perfectly, you can compress the grouts joint on the remaining 8 feet of tile to make it fit perfectly. This eliminates the need for a cut tile when you reach the skimmer.
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