Happy 17th Birthday Daniel and Malia

We had everyone stay over after Bible Study tonight to
help us celebrate Daniel & Malia's Birthday. They both
wanted (as they do every year at their birthday time)
popcorn "cake" (I make them into balls though) with
M & M's. They don't want the peanuts that normally go
into them...just M & M's. Been making them for years
now. I also made some FAT-FREE Brownies that
actually tasted YUMMY! Starbucks decaf and we
were ready to go!!! Short and sweet, a nice little
gathering and we did sing a nice rendition of
Happy Birthday!!!!


Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

NOOOO!!! They can't be 17 yet!! Oh, wait! They were born just after we were married! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU TWO!!

Zane&Anna said...

yah, pretty hard to believe that my "baby" brother & sister are 17 already. time does fly. that popcorn cake sure looks yummy! i would choose just m&m's too. & on a sidenote.. does daniel INSIST on not smiling.... he looks so thrilled to be alive=-) hee hee.

Shana said...

Just catching up here... Happy birthday you two!!