Malia's Bedroom "re-do" for her 17th Birthday

Cozy corner with a twin bed.

Her bed and new spread and curtains.

The "film-strip" I got her...seemed like a
good fit with her new color scheme...
black/white/silvery-gray/with some

Piece of artwork Malia purchased for her new
bedroom re-do...Nice choice I thought.

Black N White poster we framed....
LOVE Paris...yes sireeeeeee =D

Neato black candle wall sconce Malia
found on-line.

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Zane&Anna said...

very nice! much more "sophisticated" & minimalist. i love that wall sconce. funny to think back when i went thru the b&w & burgundy stage myself... i even had that same paris poster... except it was bigger & not framed i think=)