You Have a Boat, You ALWAYS Have Friends!!!

 Daniel's "New" Boat.  It's a 21' Carerra.  He got a steal of a deal and it's in excellent shape for an '89.
It's been completely redone inside and out.  Derek and his girlfriend, Taylor and Terry C. took it out after
Daniel & Austin had to come in ahead of time to go to work.  Derek wakeskated & Terry wakeboarded.

 Daniel driving his new boat to the dock @ Site 6.  Too bad he had to go to work!  Austin J. too!
 Daniel, Austin, Terry, Taylor and Derek.
Coming into the docks.  Tom & I met them down there so we could see the new boat.  It was a beautiful warm day...in the mid 70's.


Martine Irene said...

WOW! Nice boat DANIEL! You may always have friends, but gas isn't free...so you should post a sign in your boat that says, "HANDOUTS GLADLY ACCEPTED!" They are also great chick magnets!!! :):)

Anna Renee said...

haha, love martines comments!!! so true!! looks like a fun time & what a nice boat- very proud of daniel=)

Shana said...

Wow!! That's quite an acquisition for an 18 year old!!