Family Time, Convention Time, Together Time...

Daniel and his girlfriend, Jocelyn
@ Casa Grande
Daniel & Malia (May 5, 2010)
Tom & Pam
Daniel, Malia & Derek
After Bible Study
May 5, 2010

Steve, Pam Malcolm & Dan
(Me and my three brothers.)
Steve & Dan came for Casa Grande
and Malcolm was passing through.
So nice to be together in AZ!

Malcolm and me at Casa Grande on Sunday of convention.
He was there for the one day with Heather (his daughter).

A family thing...@ Casa Grande Conv.

Me, Tom, Dan, Steve, Uncle Elvin,

Cousin Ron, Daniel & Derek

Derek & Daniel

Sunday of Casa Grande Conv.

The group picture of several of the young kids @

Casa Grande Convention 2010

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Zane&Anna said...

wow, lots of family time at casa grande- thats super cool! musta been fun for you to get some time with so many relatives! cool to see josie & daniel together=) very cute!