Steve, Dan & I hiking at Sara Park

Dan going through the "crack"
Steve coming through the "crack"

hiking through the "crack"
Hope you don't have claustrophobia
it's pretty narrow through there!

Steve going down "slide rock"

This hike takes you to the Lake

Me going down the "slide rock"
It FEELS big and long!

Steve and I at the lake
the half-way mark!

Dan and I at the lake
2 1/2 miles IN.
We ended-up getting a little
off the main trail and our hike
was about 6 miles total in the
blazing heat. We left early in the
morning but it got super HOT
and we were very ready to be
back and get more water to drink!

1 comment:

Zane&Anna said...

wow, i didn't know it was such an adventurous little hike! that is a super tight space... wow, i think it might give me the heebie jeebies