Memorial Day - May 31, 2010

Timmann's came for a BBQ today for
a swim along with Claudia's sis, Jolena. It was
a super warm, nice day. Just over 100 degrees.
This is Claudia's "masterpiece"...
Half of hamburger bun, colby-Jack cheese,
BBQ'd hamburger, Sweet-Baby-Rays,
Grilled Onions,
Dill pickle slices topped with a
heaping of homemade Guacamole'.
Oh yum!
Aaron just turned one in May. He is terribly afraid of
the bathtub so they weren't so sure how he would take
to the water...but he actually took to the water like
a little fish. They thought he'd scream and cry as he
does with his baths...but no such thing...he did great!!!
Glen showed him how to "blow bubbles" and he really
had fun with NO tears whatsoever!

Jolena...Claudia's sister...

Aaron, paddling and kicking...he just seemed to do
it so naturally. Nadia sitting on the steps having fun!

Claudia working on her braids. It literally takes a couple
of days to get all her hair in braids...hours and hours and
hours of work...but then it will last for two months!

Nadia enjoying the water's edge (and steps)!

Aidan and Derek after a swim!

Aaron gettin' wet and havin' fun. He just turned one!
It was a fun Memorial Day...lovely day, and a good
BBQ...and a time to remember our Veteran's and
those who have fought for our freedom! So nice to
see so many FLAGS out today! Havasu is one of the
most patriotic cities in the whole USA and if you come
here you will see why! Let Freedom Ring!

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Zane&Anna said...

aidan is soooo big!!! thats too funny that aaron hates baths, but loved the pool?! crazy kid!